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CILIP’s conversation produces results

Following the ‘conversation’ about the future of CILIP, CILIP Council has approved a new vision and mission for the organisation.


A fair and economically prosperous society is underpinned by literacy, access to information and the transfer of knowledge.

CILIP exists to

Promote and support the people who work to deliver this vision.
Be the leading voice for information, library and knowledge practitioners, working to advocate strongly, provide unity through shared values and develop skills and excellence

The roadmap for change is available here.

Defining our professional future

Defining our Professional Future – the report presenting the findings of an extensive consultation to inform the development of CILIP – is now accessible.

For BIR readers from Business and Industry, Health, Government and Academia, the report provides a useful insight into drivers for the future, trends in service provision, changes in the working environment and much more. A rapid scan is recommended for useful information for planning – a longer one if you’re a CILIP member or active in another professional organisation and want to peer into the likely future.

How professional associations adapt to challenging times

Professional Associations face a number of challenges as their overheads rise, the economic future become more uncertain, event sponsorship reduces, and increasing membership fees to cover the cost of member services is a sure route to decline. These issues are eloquently described in his 2010 Conference speech by SLA Treasurer, Dan Trefethen.

SLA is strenuously cutting costs and reviewing structures whilst making its best efforts to meet the needs of its members.

Candle in the wind or a beacon for the future? Professional associations facing an uncertain future featured in June’s Business Information Review (27(2), is therefore particularly timely. Stimulated by the demise of CiG, Oriole Newgass explores what makes professional organisations work for their members, and suggests why some are successful and some not so. The issues facing CILIP are identical with those facing SLA and suggest that the larger professional organisations may face greater difficulty than those with a narrower focus.

Getting involved with a professional organisation has been a great development route for many leading information professionals. Now is the time for all of us to review what we gain from this involvement and to see how we can realistically help sustain a viable future for those organisations that we align with best.

Aslib finds a new home

The MCB Group, the holding company of the Emerald publishing group has announced that it has acquired Aslib.

Emerald states that it intends to carry out consultations with current and former members and others but that it plans to build a ’21st century membership organisation’.

This seems an excellent time to alert our subscribers to an article due to appear in our June issue. Written by Oriole Newgass, the article considers the role of professional associations and membership organisations for information professionals. Oriole analyses both successes and failures and recommends some radical ways forward for high value professional associations.