About BIR

Business Information Review (BIR) is concerned with information and knowledge management within organisations. To be successful organisations need to gain maximum value from exploiting relevant information and knowledge. BIR deals with information strategies and operational good practice across the range of activities required to deliver this information dividend. The journal aims to highlight developments in the economic, social and technological landscapes that will impact the way organisations operate. BIR also provides insights into the factors that contribute to individual professional success.

Whilst many business information professionals and librarians are still involved with published information – its supply to the desktop, skills for users, research and analysis services – the range of professional activities has expanded. Responsibilities can range from knowledge management through information risk and security, and much more engagement with IT including the development and use of social media. BIR provides valuable insights across the full range of information activities whilst retaining a keen interest in business information resources.

BIR’s international readership and authorship covers the corporate sector, consultancies and law firms, publishers and information providers, government and other public institutions, academia and the third sector.