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BYOD – some food for thought

This blog post (by Andrea Di Maio of Gartner Research) looks at the trend of employees bringing their own devices to the workplace and the different BYOD strategies organisations are adopting.  Some organisations are choosing a simple ‘laissez faire’ approach, while others might offer the widest possible choice of devices to the workforce, arguing that this would be cheaper than the potential costs of ‘mismanaged’ personal devices.   Di Maio acknowledges the ‘unstoppable trend’ of BYOD, but points out some potential implications you might not have previously considered, including:
  • a provider revealing to employers that an employee has signed up to use the cloud service (this might be against company policy
  • employers having access to employees’ personal data 

We’re planning an article on ‘the digital workplace’ for September’s issue of BIR – more details for follow.