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Global market intelligence survey 2013

In a white paper on the current state of market intelligence, The Global Intelligence Alliance (GIA) surveyed nearly 900 companies in 64 countries, and discovered:

·         Improving efficiency in conducting market intelligence – 80% say their investments in market intelligence have paid off (up 2% from 2011)

·          In relative terms, decision-making is 15% more efficient in companies that have a market intelligence function in place

·         The average size of market intelligence teams has been reduced by one person to 12 people since 2011.

·         Large budgets are no guarantee for more advanced market intelligence functions or higher ROI

·         Market intelligence is most advanced in Media and Entertainment companies but interestingly, that is also where the perceived return on investment (ROI) is the lowest.

·         The highest perceived ROI for market intelligence is in the Environment and Renewables industries

For more information on the survey, see The Global Intelligence Alliance website.

Competitive Intelligence

For all of you who were interested in the recent articles BIR has run on Competitive Advantage and Competitive Intelligence I thought it might be helpful for you to be aware of a major International Conference on Competitive Intelligence which is coming up in March 2012. Being run by the Institute for Competitive Intelligence (ICI) it is the second time the conference is being held in English – the first time being in 2011. I attended the conference last year and there were some really thought provoking sessions across the two event packed days. Also plenty of time for networking. Held in the beautiful spa town of Bad Nauheim (just outside Frankfurt, Germany) the event promises to be good for both seasoned practitioners, academics and those new to the discipline. Full details on the conference website ( including an upbeat video of the highlights of the 2011 conference.