Global market intelligence survey 2013

In a white paper on the current state of market intelligence, The Global Intelligence Alliance (GIA) surveyed nearly 900 companies in 64 countries, and discovered:

·         Improving efficiency in conducting market intelligence – 80% say their investments in market intelligence have paid off (up 2% from 2011)

·          In relative terms, decision-making is 15% more efficient in companies that have a market intelligence function in place

·         The average size of market intelligence teams has been reduced by one person to 12 people since 2011.

·         Large budgets are no guarantee for more advanced market intelligence functions or higher ROI

·         Market intelligence is most advanced in Media and Entertainment companies but interestingly, that is also where the perceived return on investment (ROI) is the lowest.

·         The highest perceived ROI for market intelligence is in the Environment and Renewables industries

For more information on the survey, see The Global Intelligence Alliance website.