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Reputation management

This article by Rob Brown, published in the March 2010 issue of the journal (27/1), couldn’t be more timely. In the last month we have seen several high profile sportsmen face media scrutiny of the gap between their ‘personal brand’ and their ‘character’.

Those who listened to Rob Brown at the 2008 London Online Information Conference can testify to the power of his advice on the routes to develop personal and corporate reputations. There are so many messages in his article – perhaps the key one for us is to cultivate your knowledge, your networks, your experience – and your influence will increase with your reputation. The many areas for action that Rob covers in his article provide a good assessment tool not just for individuals thinking of their personal reputation but for people running and providing information services. Which of these actions are most likely to increase service reputation?
The article abstract is available on the Sage website.