June Business Information Review

The June issue of Business Information Review has now been published online, and will be available in hard copy in a week or two. The June issue  focusses on information security and governance. By focusing on information security and information governance, we hope to highlight not only the importance of the issue in contemporary business and commerce but also the contribution of the information profession to managing security and risk. This is the first in what we hope will be an occasional series of themed issues and we’d welcome feedback on it.
The articles published in the latest issue of Business Information Review therefore all address questions of information security in one form or another. First is Ralph O’Brien’s paper ‘Privacy and Security: the New European Data Protection Regulation and What it Means for Data Breaches’. Ralph is Principle Consultant EU for 5 TRUSTe, TRUSTe a leading global Data Privacy Management company. His paper explores the changing regulation around data protection emerging out of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and in particular its impact on the management of data breaches. 
The GDPR is also discussed in David Haynes’ paper, ‘Social Media, Risk and Information Governance’. David is a regular contributor to Business Information Review and visiting lecturer at City University London. His paper addresses what is often an overlooked area of information work: social media governance. David’s paper develops a risk management model of governance that addresses the threats to which social media strategies and outputs give rise. It makes an important case for the risks associated with social media and the importance of incorporating them into information governance processes.
A new contributor to the journal, Nick Wilding is Head of Cyber Resilience at AXELOS Global Best Practice – a joint venture company set up in 2013 and co-owned by the UK Government and Capita plc. Nick is responsible for RESILIA™ Global Best Practice – a portfolio of cyber resilience best practice publications, certified training, all staff awareness learning and leadership engagement tools designed to put the ‘human factor’ at the centre of your cyber resilience strategy. In his paper – ‘Cyber Resilience: How Important is Your Reputation? How Effective Are Your People’ – Nick argues for a move from thinking about cyber security to thinking about cyber resilience and outlines the guiding principles of cyber awareness learning, training and education.
Finally, Danny Budzak returns to Business Information Review with a new paper: ‘Information Security: the People Issue’. Danny’s paper examines the information security issues raised by the involvement of people with information systems. It first sets out the threats to information systems, and the risks associated with information systems, before addressing the mitigation of those threats through managing roles, responsibilities, relationships and training. 
Martin White returns with ‘Perspectives’, which both round up some of the developments in the business information world. In Perspectives, Martin White explores recent publications both in the information world and beyond that have relevance for professional practice. In this issue, he draws attention to research on data management emerging form the Information School at Sheffield University, research into newspaper archiving practice in the US and returns to the issue of information overload among other topics. 
Once again we are also grateful for Alan Fosters’ continued work in producing  ‘Initiatives’. In this issue, Alan addresses a range of developments in the areas of digital transformations, data management, value and volume of data, higher education and IT, IM and data skills development and open data as well as the latest industry news. As ever, it is an incredibly  comprehensive and useful resource
The June issue is available now at http://bir.sagepub.com/content/current