The value of ‘National Brand’

Brand Finance journal has published a report exploring the way that ‘nation brand’ contributes to the economic and social wellbeing of countries and has revealed its top 100 nation brands

According to the report, a strong nation brand helps to “cut through the information glut that is inherent in… modern business news [and] supports investor confidence in the value of a country”.
The report goes on to feature country case studies on a number of subject areas (including how nation brand can help countries to:
·         Attract and retain talent
·         Enhance tourism business (including domestic tourism)
·         Attract inward investment
·         Improve the sale of goods and services
The top 10 countries identified in the report are:
·         USA
·         China
·         Germany
·         Japan
·         UK
·         France
·         Canada
·         India
·         Brazil
·         Italy
The report is available to download, free of charge, from Brand Finance.